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Misc. Consumer links you may find interesting

Auto Body Cypress

Kids Helmets

POR 15 Rust Preventive Coating from Eastwood.com

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Suppliers and Technical Information

AEM Electronic Fuel Injection Systems

Aeromotive Fuel Systems


DTA Fast Competition Engine Management Systems

EFI Injector Flow Listing

EFI University EFI 101 Tuning Classes Forums

Electromotive Engine Controls Tec-I Tec-II Tec-III

Fast Fuel Air Spark Technology EFI Performance

FJO Racing Products

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

Marren Fuel Injection Fuel Rails

MegaIgnite Ignition systems for MegaSquirt

MegaSquirt DIY EFI system

Pectel Control Systems

Redline Weber Programmable Fuel Injection: ECU 422, R882, ECU-882 Software

Simple Digital Systems EM-4 Fuel Injection

VEMS Versatile Engine Management Systems

Wolf EFI



Audi Enthusiast Sites

  • Quattro Club USA
  • Quatt-Ringo
  • Ralf Wiesner's Ur-Quattro MAC-01B ECU info.
  • Rally 3's Audi
  • RC controlled ur-Q
  • Sean's A4 Web page
  • Steinbru's Page
  • Steve Mannings '90 200TQW

  • Audi Sport - Emanuele Pirro
  • August Horch Auto Museum
  • Korsakerhet AUDI Q, Swedish
  • Nordic Audi


  • Abt start page (German/English?)
  • ATS Wheels
  • Audi Color Tuning, German
  • Claus Ettensberger
  • Custom Speed, VW/Audi, Swedish
  • GreedSpeed, A4 Tuning
  • H & S Electronic Tuning
  • Intended Acceleration
  • Konig Wheels/Accessories
  • Mariani
  • MTM Tuning-German
  • Nordic Audi
  • Oettinger
  • Projektzwo
  • Remus Exhaust
  • Superchips
  • TSR Performance, UK
  • Wetterauer Chips, German Home page

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